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Water Resources Engineering and Water Resource ServicesBroadbent’s engineers and hydrogeologists provide comprehensive water resource services. Broadbent’s water resources engineering experience includes all facets of surface and groundwater analyses and water resource development. Our experience includes groundwater and basin yield determinations for large groundwater development projects for mining, industrial, commercial, and municipal clients. Our staff prepares MODFLOW models in support of water resource projects and small and large dewatering projects. Our experience also includes aquifer testing design, performance, and analysis, and completion of water supply reports.

We have vast experience in locating, designing, and observing drilling and construction of large-diameter water supply wells for mining, municipal, and industrial clients. We are well-versed in the operation of reverse circulation, direct circulation, auger, and sonic drilling techniques. A good example of our capability in this area is our work with the Las Vegas Valley Water District. This work included successful construction management, design, testing, and field geology during construction of numerous wells with 20-inch diameter casing to average depths of 1,400 feet.

Broadbent also provides Nevada Water Rights engineering services. This includes the preparation of applications and water rights maps, as well as requisite filings in support of water rights applications (Proof of Completion, Proof of Beneficial Use, Application for Extension of Time, and Change of Point of Diversion, etc.). Broadbent staff also has experience testifying before the Nevada State Engineer in support of applications and in protest of large water applications.

Our overall water resource services include the following:

  • Basin Yield and Water Quality Studies
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Dewatering Design
  • Aquifer Testing
  • Groundwater Exploration and Water Supply
  • Well Design and Construction
  • Water Rights Applications

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