Water Remediation & Wastewater Facilities Operations

Broadbent Water and Wastewater Facility OperationsBroadbent’s operations staff provide water and wastewater facilities operation, maintenance, and monitoring (O&M) services for a multitude of clients. Current states where Broadbent is conducting these activities are Nevada, Arizona, California, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming.

Services provided by Broadbent include routine O&M, sampling, and reporting for various forms of water supply systems, with and without chlorination. These services are also provided for various types of wastewater treatment systems, including high level bioreactor systems down to simple evaporation ponds. We are also experienced in system optimization and completing engineered design modifications.

Broadbent employs certified operators for both water and wastewater systems in each state where we perform these activities at the required level of certification. Our operators and staff also have strong working relationships with regulatory agencies within the regions we operate, and we serve as the regulatory agency liaison for our clients on a regular basis.

Our water and wastewater services include

  • Certified Operators for both Treatment and Distribution
  • Routine Operation, Maintenance, and Monitoring
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Monitoring
  • Routine Reporting System Optimization
  • Engineered Design Modifications
  • Regulatory Agency Liaison

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