Troy Crain

Troy CrainPrincipal Geologist, PG, CAPM, CEM

Mr. Crain has approximately 28 years of experience conducting environmental, geological, hydrogeological consulting services throughout the western United States. Mr. Crain has been with Broadbent since 1990 where he currently serves as Corporate Treasurer, Board Officer, Boerne (San Antonio), TX Office Manager, and Principal Geologist. His overall experience includes conduct of environmental, geological, and hydrogeological consulting services throughout the western United States. He has performed all aspects of environmental investigations pertaining to soil and groundwater contamination assessment, characterization, and remediation. This experience includes conduct of hundreds of petroleum hydrocarbon release investigations, emergency response coordination and management, asbestos surveys and abatement monitoring, air permitting and monitoring, and detailed management of extensive soil and groundwater contaminant remediation activities.

Mr. Crain holds a B.S. in Geology from the University of Texas at Austin (1984). His registrations include: Corrective Action Project Manager (CAPM) in Texas; Professional/ Registered Geologist in California, Arizona, Texas, and Wyoming; and Certified Environmental Manager in Nevada.

Other significant experience includes UST/LUST compliance services including state insurance fund filing and design, coordination, installation, and management of operations of soil and groundwater remediation systems including vapor extraction, bioremediation, sparging, pump-and-treat and dual phase extraction systems. Mr. Crain has also categorized and coordinated disposal of hazardous and regulated wastes, prepared notification and reporting documentation as required by RCRA and SARA Title III, prepared Phase I & II environmental assessments for real estate transactions, prepared mineral potential surveys for transfer of federal lands as well as provided water supply well logging, construction management and design assistance services for major water supply wells. In addition, Mr. Crain has performed asbestos surveys and monitoring and inspections associated with asbestos abatement projects and acted as lead Geologist on Water Resource investigations and on Resource/Reserve Estimation Projects for Industrial Minerals Mining.