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Broadbent provided consulting services to a solid waste contractor, producing everything needed for a complete landfill closure plan an unlicensed active solid waste disposal site in Butte County, California. Broadbent delineate the vertical and lateral extent of contamination associated with the illegal burning and dumping at the site. Illegal dumping of solid waste including automobiles, appliances, and trash had occurred at this location for many years. The waste was typically burned in an effort to reduce its volume and covered with soil. Contaminants of concern included metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins and furans. After executing a Work Plan for Preliminary Waste Characterization Study, Broadbent prepared the Waste Characterization Study Report.

Broadbent then prepared a Removal Action Work Plan which documented the nature, source and extent of contamination, performed a risk evaluation, developed remedial action goals, performed an engineering evaluation/cost analysis of remedial alternatives, and identified applicable or relevant and appropriate requirements before settling on the removal action alternative. The Removal Action Work Plan identified the implementation design, proposed health and safety/environmental control measures to be undertaken, a transportation/traffic control plan, a sampling and analysis plan, and quality assurance project plan. The Removal Action Work Plan was submitted to the in accordance with the Voluntary Compliance Agreement entered into by the responsible party.

After public notification, Broadbent observed the heavy equipment solid waste excavation activities conducted by the client/contractor, and subsequently conducted confirmation soil sampling at depths down to 25 feet below ground surface. Approximately 7,194 tons of debris and solid waste were transported offsite by 332 truck and trailer loads to appropriately-licensed solid waste facilities for disposal. Broadbent prepared the Removal Action Confirmation Report documenting completion of the scope of work identified in the Removal Action Work Plan for site closure.

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