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South Lake Tahoe, CA – Broadbent provided third party review and documentation of historical operation and maintenance activities for an existing on-site groundwater pump and treat remediation system, and provided recommendations for system modifications and future operations. Constituents of concern included PCE, TCE, DCA, and vinyl chloride.

Recommendations and actions included:

  • Repairing system components,
  • Testing system operations,
  • And modifying the system to address iron fouling problems.

Broadbent was retained to operate the system and monitor associated wells. Through a series of repairs and tests, and minimal system operation time, it was determined that the system was no longer needed, as it was no longer extracting impacted water associated with the landfill.

The USDA-Tahoe National Forest (TNF) approved to terminate remediation activities and Broadbent assisted the client in remediation system decommissioning activities for the groundwater pump and treat remediation system.

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