New Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Standard – What You Need to Know

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Background: The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), also known as the “Superfund”, was established by the federal government to authorize the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to respond to human health and environmental hazards posed by hazardous substances released into the environment. Under CERCLA, the EPA can hold the responsible party(s) liable for cleanup or can conduct the cleanup and require costs to be supplied by the responsible party(s). AAI Rule: The All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) Rule in 40 CFR, Part 312, established by the EPA, is the process of evaluating a property’s environmental conditions and assessing potential liability for any contamination. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) published the E1527 “Standard Practice for Environmental Site Read More »

Indoor Air Quality: Keeping it Safe for Employees and Clientele

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The coronavirus outbreak brought heightened awareness to the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ) in the workplace. However, the concern for people’s well-being in buildings such as office spaces and schools existed long before the pandemic. These types of buildings are home to a variety of potential air contamination sources, including volatile organic compounds (from cleaning agents, furniture, carpets, etc.), bacteria, mold, and viruses. Proper building management is essential when considering the safety of its occupants and potential health risk sources are abundant. Outlined below we have detailed why healthy indoor air quality is so important, how you can identify it, and what to do to prevent or mitigate it. What Happens When You have Poor Indoor Air Quality? According Read More »

California Environmental Consultant Volunteering in Alpine County

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Broadbent & Associates, Inc. is more than an environmental consulting company operating throughout California, Nevada, Texas, and other neighboring states. We also strive to be part of our communities through volunteerism and financial donations to grassroots non-profit organizations such as the Alpine Watershed Group. Broadbent is proud to have served as one of the primary sponsors for the 17th Annual Markleeville Creek Day held on September 9, 2016 and organized by the Alpine Watershed Group. Broadbent employees and their family members volunteered to complete restoration projects that help improve the overall health of watersheds in Alpine County, California. Volunteer activities included removal of invasive plants; planting of willow stakes, potted willows, and cottonwood plants; and slope seeding and bank stabilization Read More »

Solvent Characterization and Remediation

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Broadbent has provided a full suite of environmental consulting services to the State of Nevada, Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP), Bureau of Corrective Actions (BCA) through the Environmental Assessment, Mitigation, and Remediation (EAMR) contract, since 2006. Broadbent was awarded the EAMR contract, through a competitive proposal process, from 2006 – 2010 and again from 2010 – 2014. As part of the EAMR contract, overlapping both contract periods, Broadbent was tasked with public notification and characterization and mitigation of tetrachlorethylene (PCE) vapor intrusion into a residential neighborhood in Southern Nevada. Broadbent has worked closely with NDEP staff to inform residents of the potential PCE vapor intrusion issue, sample collection process, and the indoor air PCE mitigation system process by preparing public Read More »

Creating a Culture of Safety Within Broadbent

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Broadbent management has been successful in creating a culture of safety in the company. This has been accomplished through the shared learning of experiences in the field and analysis of knowledge gained from our valued clients. A simple example of this safety mindset, is how it has effected the way we park our vehicles. Even when commuting to and from work, using our personal vehicles, employees have embraced the idea of backing vehicles into parking spots. With a vehicle in this position, when leaving a parking spot, the driver is traveling forward. By leaving in the forward direction one is less likely to cause an accident. Drivers have also surveyed the front of the vehicle and scanned the area for Read More »