Environmental Experience – Retail Service Stations in the Western United States

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Broadbent has been providing environmental consulting and engineering services to a major oil and gas company, since 1989, focusing on underground storage tank (UST) and leaking underground storage tank (LUST) facilities. Broadbent has retained a contract with this company through numerous highly competitive consultant consolidation procurement events and in recent years has successfully expanded services with the client. In 2011, Broadbent was awarded a Master Service Agreement to provide Environmental Consulting and Engineering Services to the major gas and oil company, across North America. Currently, Broadbent is working as the client’s consultant on 36 LUST projects in California and Nevada and is a key consultant at an acid rock drainage project located at a former mine in the Sierra Nevada Mountains (Alpine County, CA). Work performed by Broadbent for the Read More »

Wastewater Treatment Companies: Broadbent Provides On Call LUST Services

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Broadbent, as a wastewater treatment company, has been providing emergency on-call and non-emergency professional environmental consultant services relative to UST/LUST/Fueling operations for a major truck stop chain since 2006. Although the service area for the client includes all states west of the Mississippi River, Broadbent’s primary focus is providing these services in Nevada, California, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Washington.Work performed includes: State Trust Fund application preparation, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Detailed site characterization assessments, Preparation and implementation of detailed and complex soil and groundwater related Corrective Action Plans; Reporting of UST and non-UST releases; Conduct of routine soil and groundwater sampling and reporting; Emergency response soil cleanup associated with tanker truck releases on interstate highways; Emergency response free-phase product recovery from sedimentation ponds and storm Read More »

Broadbent Managed 182 Sites as a LUST Trust Contractor for NDEP

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Broadbent was contracted by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP), from 2004 to 2012, to manage the Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) program. During this eight year period (two separate four-year contracts), Broadbent worked with NDEP staff on 18 different projects, some of which had multiple tasks. Work performed under this contract included Provided office assistance with Case File review Prepared a LUST Desk Manual Guidance Document for NDEP staff Assisted NDEP in development of Risk Based Policy for LUST sites Conducted statewide soil gas survey (including well point installation and development) to assist NDEP in evaluating human exposure to the vapor migration pathway from LUST sites Conducted detailed soil and groundwater characterization activities, including remediation feasibility pilot testing, Read More »