Mining Reclamation, Planning & Permitting

Metals and minerals constitute the backbone of economic growth in many nations and most of the world continues to expand mining operations in order to secure valuable natural resources and a stable currency base. Furthermore, mining is a valuable source of jobs and generates significant capital for local, state, and federal governments. As such, the strength of the mining industry has never been better, and with modern mining methods, combined with careful resource management, mine expansion activities are now being conducted with less overall impact to the environment.

Broadbent is proud to have been providing professional services to the mining industry for approximately 25 years, within the United States and abroad. We understand the operational and regulatory challenges present in the mining industry, and we approach these challenges using creative and scientifically based methodology. We have expanded our mining reclamation services along with the mining industry expansion over the past five years and we are excited about continuing this expansion.

Mining Reclamation, Planning & Permitting Services provided include

  • Environmental Assessment, Characterization, & Remediation
  • Petroleum-contaminated Soil (PCS) Management
  • Closure Plans
  • Civil Engineering
  • Air Quality Planning & Permitting
  • Stack Testing
  • Reporting, Permitting, and Natural Resources
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Water Supply and Wastewater Facility Operations
  • Water Resource Analysis, Development, and Management
  • Emergency Response