Broadbent project needing a helicopter for transport

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Broadbent project needing a helicopter for transport

In late 2020, Broadbent was solicited to submit a proposal to conduct seeps and springs monitoring activities at a mine site in northeastern Nevada. In early 2021, Broadbent was awarded the annual contract, which included use of a helicopter over the course of multiple days to access some of the remote seeps and springs sites. Specific field work included utilizing the helicopter to access twelve sites within the two-mile groundwater drawdown boundary, four deep water sources outside the two-mile groundwater drawn down buffer, and seven locations where vegetation transects were conducted.

when projects take you into the wilderness

Broadbent’s field team included a collaborative effort between our Elko and Denver Offices. Don Andrae (Elko), who has 15 years of experience in coordinating and conducting these types of seeps and springs sampling and monitoring activities, and new hire Jennifer Krause (Denver), a biologist with a Master’s in Environmental Science, work together to complete these activities.

Broadbent provides field services at numerous mine sites in Nevada using an effective team approach. We assimilate into the existing workforce to help the overall team meet objectives in an effective and productive manner. Broadbent has a proven track record by identifying opportunities to optimize the work scope resulting in immediate and long-term cost savings. In this specific example, we demonstrated this by using a helicopter to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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