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Broadbent & Associates, Inc. is pleased to sponsor the 35th Biennial Great Basin Anthropological Conference of 2016 (GBAC). This year, the event will be held in Reno, NV from October 6th to 9th. The theme is “Featured Landscapes”, a reminder that archaeological sites (especially in an area of widely spaced, seasonal resources such as the Great Basin) are best interpreted within a larger regional framework. Broadbent’s archaeological consultants are looking forward to attending the conference and presenting results from our research. Please join us for this special event!

Broadbent Archaeological Consultants

Margo Memmott, Kari Sprengeler, and Ashlee Younie providing cultural resources services in the Great Basin as Archaeological Consultants.

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  1. Steve Shaw

    The California/Nevada Chapter of OCTA (Oregon California Trails Association) is interested in setting up a table display at the 2016 October meeting in Reno, NV. We were recently at the California Society of Archaeology meeting in Ontario, CA., and received a lot of positive responses.