Jason Hoffman

Division Manager

Corporate Health and Safety Director

Associate Geologist

Hometown: Albany, Georgia

Favorite Food: Cereal

Pet Peeves: Clichés

Favorite Movie / TV Show: Survivor

Have pets?: Horses, chickens, and cats

Professional Biography: Jason is a Recognized Environmental Professional (Colorado) who has been with Broadbent for 19 years and spends most of his time managing and assisting others with soil and groundwater projects, evaluating and applying remediation technologies, and utilizing various computer-based programs such as AutoCAD®, RockWorks™, and other modeling programs such as EPA BIOSCREEN and BIOCHLOR. He is also certified by the Bureau of Certified Safety Professionals and manages Broadbent’s company-wide health and safety program and has helped both Broadbent and many clients maintain compliance with OSHA and MSHA policies. When not at work, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters, exploring the world, and going for long walks on the beach at sunset.