Kirk Stowers

Board of Directors – Treasurer

Division Manager

Principal Geologist

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Favorite Food: Pizza

Pet Peeves: Mean people and tardy timesheets

Favorite Movie / TV Show: Full Metal Jousting

Have pets?: Yes, if a Siberian Husky would agree to be called a “pet”

Professional Biography: Kirk has 27 years experience as an environmental consultant with Broadbent conducting, managing, and supervising soil and groundwater characterization and remediation investigations relative to the release of non-hazardous and hazardous materials. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Harvard University and his professional registrations include Professional Geologist (California), Certified Environmental Manager (Nevada), and Incident Commander (California). When he is not pestering his coworkers about administrative deadlines and checking to make sure there are sufficient coffee filters, he likes to ride horses, travel to exotic international locales with his wife, and run in distance races.