Lonnie Roy

Principal Engineer

Hometown: Downey, California (Home of the Apollo Space Program)

Favorite Food: Tacos (my Sister’s)

Pet Peeves: Long meetings

Favorite Movie / TV Show: Princess Bride

Have pets?: No. We are gone too much

Professional Biography: Lonnie has more than 35 years of experience in water resources and civil engineering projects throughout the western United States. He works with University Systems, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and private consultants. He has been a Principal Engineer with Broadbent since 1996 leading groundwater development, environmental permitting, civil engineering, and NEPA projects. He is a Professional Engineer in Nevada, Texas, Arizona, and Utah. He is also a Water Rights Surveyor in Nevada. He is a private pilot, and he volunteers monthly to serve with LIGA International by flying doctors to Sinaloa, Mexico to staff medical clinics, and he serves as the Engineering Director for their Clean Water Program, which provides biosand filters to rural pueblos in Sinaloa and Sonora.