Matt Herrick

Division Manager

Principal Hydrogeologist

Hometown: McCall, Idaho

Favorite Food: Thai

Pet Peeves: My kids claim I am particular about all the items they leave in the living room (clothes, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, etc). Apparently, my opinion that their items should be stored in their rooms is not shared by them.

Favorite Movie / TV Show: Rambo: First Blood & Mountain Men

Have pets?: Yes, a golden retriever named Hank and a goldfish named Tango. I was not successful in convincing my wife to get a second dog – I settled for a fish.

Professional Biography: Matt is a Professional Geologist, Professional Hydrogeologist, and Certified Environmental Manager with 18 years of experience conducting environmental and hydrogeologic investigations throughout the Western United States. He has a Bachelor of Science in Geophysics and a Master of Science in Hydrogeology both from the University of Nevada, Reno. When not at work, Matt likes to spend time with his family and can often be found recreating outside, preferably in the mountains.