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Because of the wide range of environmental services that Broadbent provides, our employees are exposed to many different types of fascinating work. Ashlee Younie, a Registered Professional Archaeologist, is one such person.

Registered Professional Archaeologist Ashlee Younie
Along with skills gained while working on projects for the United States EPA and the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, her education has helped her become a specialist in addressing environmental challenges unique to abandoned mine lands. She has experience performing surveys and sampling water and solids at historic mine sites. Her abandoned mine land work has included the recording of site features for use in mine site assessments and data analytics.

When Broadbent is performing environmental investigations of abandoned mine lands, Ashlee’s knowledge is invaluable. She is not only skilled in environmental assessment, but also brings an understanding of prehistoric and historic archaeology to projects. This helps us approach work from a perspective that may be quite different than that of other firms. In the field, having this additional perspective usually results in savings of both time and costs; great news for our wonderful clients.

Ashlee earned a B.S. in Agriculture and Applied Economics from the University of Nevada, Reno, in 2011. Her studies focused on environmental management, remediation, and adverse effect mitigation. Her education and perspectives are based both on academic and field experience. Since 2011, she has continued to expand her understanding of environmental management practices and policies, through work on various contracts in Nevada, California, Arizona, and Colorado. She also earned a M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Nevada, in 2014. While in graduate school, her studies focused on historic mining towns in the American West. Ashlee has been a Registered Professional Archaeologist since 2014.

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