Scott McNulty

Board of Directors – Secretary

Division Manager

Principal Geologist

Hometown: Narrowsburg, New York but last 24 years in Henderson, Nevada

Favorite Food: Indian

Pet Peeves: Lack of Snow Days in Las Vegas

Favorite Movie / TV Show: Game of Thrones

Have pets?: One Labrador Retriever named Kaibab

Professional Biography: Scott has spent his entire 25 year and counting environmental consulting career with Broadbent. He started bailing wells, pulling USTs, and running groundwater remediation systems. In the late 90’s he developed and now manages the Air Quality Division for Broadbent. He currently oversees a staff of 16 air quality professionals that perform emissions testing, ambient air monitoring, reporting, modeling, permitting, and compliance negotiation work with most air quality regulatory jurisdictions in the western United States. He manages the Broadbent Stack Testing Division that performs performance testing on all forms of industrial equipment including: boilers, gas turbines, baghouses, wet scrubbers, diesel and natural gas engines, and hot mix asphalt processing equipment. Scott still likes and often wishes he were still heavily involved in groundwater characterization and remediation work. He is a registered Professional Geologist (Arizona, California), a Certified Hydrogeologist (California), and a Certified Environmental Manager (Nevada). He provides overall environmental consulting services to large industrial clients including airports, tank farms, power plants, municipal wastewater treatment authorities, mining operations, chemical production plants, manufacturing facilities, hotel/casino complexes, aggregate mineral processing facilities, and petroleum retailers. Scott sits on the Board of Directors for Broadbent and spends most of his remaining time trying to make the company a great place to work while exceeding clients expectations.