Troy Crain

Division Manager

Principal Geologist

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Favorite Food: Tex-Mex, Southern, Cajun

Pet Peeves: Irrelevant personal information in professional bios and inappropriate use of semicolons – they are rarely if ever needed or appropriate.

Favorite Movie / TV Show: The original “True Grit” / Shameless

Have pets?: Two beautiful little girls, a great dane named Roxy and a yellow lab mix named Bella.

Professional Biography: Mr. Crain is a Licensed Professional Geologist and Texas Licensed Corrective Actions Project Manager with over 31 years of experience conducting and managing environmental, geologic, and hydrologic investigations throughout the Western United States. He joined Broadbent in 1990, currently serves as Mid-America (Texas, Rocky Mountain States, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas) Regional Manager and Corporate Secretary/Treasurer, and sits on Broadbent’s Board of Directors. Mr. Crain has experience working with a multitude of clientele including consultants, contractors, state and local governmental agencies, industrial and manufacturing clients, the mining industry, oil and gas industry, and real estate developers.